During the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask that you avoid visiting the Amami Islands in order to protect local communities and yourself.

Due to the Islands’ remoteness, healthcare facilities on the Amami Islands are less well-equipped than those of mainland Japan. As such, if an outbreak of COVID-19 occurred on the Islands, the entire medical system may collapse. 
 Already, many people have become infected on the islands, which is placing a lot of stress on hospitals and clinics. 
 If you came to the Islands and developed COVID-19 while there, you would not be able to receive proper medical attention at local hospitals and would put further stress healthcare facilities.
Even now, those native to the Amami Islands and living outside of them are choosing to stay away from their homeland for the time being.
 It is important that island lovers like ourselves cooperate with local authorities to protect the Islands and follow state of emergency recommendations. We can do this by refraining from visiting them until after the pandemic.
We sincerely thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Hiromasa Kinoshita

Statement, Apr/20/2020

  • The Amami Islands consist of 8 inhabited islands in Japan.
  • The eight islands are Amami-Oshima Island, Kakeroma-jima Island, Uke-shima Island, Yoro-shima Island, Kikai-jima Island, Tokuno-shima Island, Okinoerabu-jima Island and Yoron-jima Island.
  • They are located in the sea between mainland Kagoshima Prefecture and Okinawa-jima Island. From north to south, the islands span a distance of about 200 km.
  • Their total area is about 1,200 km2.
  • The biggest island of the group is Amami-Oshima Island, which has an area of about 712 km2 and appears quite large next to Okinawa-jima Island and Sado Island.

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